DAILY BRIEF: Dec 7, 2017


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    Why Aren’t Hollywood Films More Diverse? The International Box Office Might be to Blame

    Many actors, activists and newspapers have raised concerns related to diversity in Hollywood films. Several organizations, including blackfilm.com and the Geena Davis Institute, now actively monitor and promote diversity in media. The Conversation

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    'Justice League' Becomes Highest Grossing DC Film in China

    Justice League is now the highest-grossing DC movie in China. The fifth installment in Warner Bros.’ newly-formed DC Comics-based universe (unofficially titled the DCEU). Screen Rant

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    Hollywood and China: How to Push a Deal to Actually Close

    "Legal recourse is futile," warns one top lawyer as supposedly final transactions go down in flames and insiders offer tips like bringing a personal translator and opening an offshore account: "You need to have practical leverage." The Hollywood Reporter

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    Jonny Long: US College Drop-Out Turned Chinese Media Sensation

    When he arrived nine years ago, Jonny Long had no idea where his China adventure would take him. Originally from an area north of Detroit, Long was still a junior studying IT at Central Michigan University when he was approached by friends asking if he wanted to join a year-long cultural exchange in Guangzhou. That's

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    Meet China's Next Big Fashion Designer-Actress Carina Lau

    Carina Lau, an A-list actress in China, is making her foray into fashion with clothing line Anirac, which debuted at Shanghai Fashion Week. The Hollywood Reporter