Feb 21, 2017


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    Wanda's Dick Clark Deal Shaky, but Not yet Dead: Sources

    Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda's proposed $1 billion purchase of Hollywood's Dick Clark Productions Inc is under pressure but is not yet over, sources told Reuters, amid high U.S.-China tensions and tight scrutiny by Beijing on outbound deals. Reuters

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    Alibaba Pictures Warns of $140 Million in Potential Losses

    Alibaba Pictures Group has warned of massive losses for calendar year 2016 that could reach $137 million to $140 million (RMB950 million to RMB1 billion). The company blamed the losses on continuing start-up and promotional costs at its online ticketing business, Tao Piao Piao. Variety

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    'The Lego Batman Movie' Holds off 'The Great Wall' at US box office

    "The Lego Batman Movie" has won the weekend for the second week in a row at the US box office, easily holding off the challenge of "Fifty Shades Darker" (also in its second week) and new arrival "The Great Wall." The Guardian

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    China Animation Bets on Sonic the Hedgehog in Push to Win over Mainland Animation Enthusiasts

    China Animation Characters Co, the mainland’s leading animation firm, plans to introduce a clutch of globally renowned cartoon characters including Sonic the Hedgehog by Japanese entertainment giant Sega to the Chinese market as it strives to strike a chord with youngsters. South China Morning Post

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    Three Sectors to Watch for Growth Opportunities in China

    Edith Yeung, the newly-appointed Greater China partner of venture fund 500 Startups, has her sights set firmly on three industries in mainland China – education, health care and entertainment. South China Morning Post


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    China-U.S. Industry Negotiations Reportedly Still at Incipient Stage

    Sources have informed Yiyuguancha that the renegotiations of the trade agreement between the film industries of the two countries are still at an incipient stage and that no substantial negotiations have taken place yet. There is talk that Trump's antagonistic relationship with China might impede the progress of a new agreement, but some industry insiders are still hopeful that the outcome of this renegotiation will utimately be favorable for both countries, considering that "Trump is still a business man." Yiyuguancha

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    Industry Executives Discuss the Exorbitantly High Salaries of Celebrities

    At the China Alliance of Radio, Film, and Television Production Committee 2016 Annual General Meeting, industry executives discussed the current rates of film and TV stars, which many have decried as exorbitantly high. Some of the executives came to the defense of the stars and attributed the excessively high salaries of celebrities as something that first originated from variety shows and which have since become an outcome of the market's high demand for and low supply of stars. Zhipianquan

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    An Oligopoly Is Forming in the Online Ticketing Platform Industry

    Alibaba Pictures Group may be suffering losses of $140 million for its operations in 2016, but the financial resources Alibaba poured into its online ticketing business, Tao Piao Piao, last year has successfully propelled the platform to become the second-largest online ticketing company in the industry. While Maoyan currently commands the greatest market share amongst the platforms, Tao Piao Piao has snuck up to become a close second and Weipiao's market share has decreased significantly. D-entertainment

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    SAPPRFT Warns Against TV Dramas Turning to Streaming Platforms to Avoid Censorship

    To avoid the more stringent censorship regulations of China's TV dramas, several TV dramas that were in the process of being vetted by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China (SAPPRFT) have opted to debut on online streaming platforms instead. In response to this, the SAPPRFT has recently announced that it will monitor this phenomenon more closely and that TV shows and films that have not yet been approved by the government's censors will be prohibited from being streamed on online platforms. Ent Group

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    China's Movie Industry Executives Discuss Censors, the IP Craze, Stars, and Online Dramas

    During the China Alliance of Radio, Film, and Television Production Committee 2016 Annual General Meeting, industry luminaries discussed several of the most important issues of China's entertainment industry, including the consolidation of censorship policies towards TV dramas and online content, how online dramas are gradually beginning to emulate the format of American dramas, and how the age of "little fresh meats" will soon end. Sansheng