Dec 14, 2018


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    China Approves Release of More U.S. Films to Meet Goal

    The added releases mean China will permit as many as 41 imported films this year, as many as seven more than the target of 34. Bloomberg

  • 2

    Why ‘Aquaman’ Slayed in China

    Ahead of the movie’s U.S. release, Variety took a look at a few potential reasons why Momoa’s trident-wielding hero stuck the landing overseas. Variety

  • 3

    What’s keeping China from having its own 'Game of Thrones'?

    China is now exploring film adaptions of its own, as successful Chinese books are turning into franchises that spawn numerous offshoots, known in China as “super IPs” – super intellectual properties. Inkstone

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    'My Neighbour Totoro': Studio Ghibli classic gets China release after 30 years

    Despite the movie's cult following, it has never been publicly shown in China. BBC

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    Tales from the Chinese film industry

    With a new censorship body and tax evasion scandals among its superstars, the country’s film industry has had a turbulent year Financial Times