Viewers Say New Kung Fu Series Lacks Kick

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The director of “Lu Ding Ji” acknowledged flaws in his martial arts drama but also said lead actor Zhang Yishan isn’t entirely to blame for the poor reviews. Read More

Chinese War Drama Taken Offline Over Fancy Home, Fancy Hairstyles

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
“Warrior of Thunder” was pulled from networks following criticism by People’s Daily. Producers defended their show in a now-deleted social media post. Read More

E-Commerce Platforms Vie To Boost Singles’ Day Shopping With TV Galas

 /  Livestreaming  / 
The competition is heating up to promote this year’s Singles’ Day sales with splashy televised galas on major satellite TV networks. Read More

The New Frontier in Content Commerce: Platform-Driven TV Gala Shows

 /  Technology  / 
In recent years, China’s big e-commerce players have partnered with major satellite networks to produce gala shows that promote major sales events such as Singles’ Day and the 618 Shopping Festival, and now, we are seeing more of these splashy programs being developed to heighten the buzz around competing platforms and boost sales through entertainment content.  Read More

Shorter, Better, Faster: Can Miniseries Rescue the C-Drama?

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After years of bloated, “water-injected” productions, a new generation of taut thrillers is revolutionizing Chinese television. Read More

Fall Online Reality Show Preview

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Once the province of major satellite TV networks, reality shows on video streaming platforms have been gaining ground, as the new media players are increasingly focused on developing their original content to build audiences and attract brands. Read More

Trending on TV: Workplace and Suspense Dramas Find Brand Fans

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Contemporary, realistic dramas continue to take center stage on TV and video streaming platforms, as historical costume and fantasy content takes a back seat under regulatory pressure. Read More

The Band That Rocked China’s Internet

 /  Music  / 
How a viral TV stunt thrust folk-rockers Wu Tiao Ren into the center of a debate about language, culture, and authenticity in Chinese music. Read More

Short Show ‘The Long Night’ Offers Quality Over Quantity

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“The Long Night” — its Chinese name, “Chenmo de Zhenxiang,” translates as “The Silent Truth” — is part of a trend of productions with far fewer episodes than what is common in China’s TV industry. Read More