• An advertisement on a Taobao shop implies that virtual reality glasses can be used for unsavory purposes. Courtesy of Sixth Tone

Virtual Reality Porn Peddlers Arrested in Shenzhen

Pornography is illegal in China, where a 1997 law bans the production and dissemination of obscene content.
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TechNode’s Top 10 Live Streaming Stories of 2016

Chinese online video viewers reached 504 million, 73 percent of the total Chinese internet users, and mobile video viewers were 405 million as of 2015.
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LeEco Attempts to Establish Its Ecosystem in the US

On October 19, LeEco made its official debut into the US market. LeEco will begin selling their smartphones and smart TVs from November 2.
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China’s Virtual Reality Investment is Moving its Focus to Content

Chinese investors are now increasingly seeking quality virtual reality content rather than hardware.
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This Company Makes a RMB 1,999 PC-based VR Headset, Yet It’s 4K

Shanghai-based Pimax aims to solve the dilemma of low-priced virtual reality hardware with a quality experience by introducing a PC-based VR headset.
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China Has Finally Seen Explosive Growth in Short Original Videos

To be relevant in the China market, user-generated video sites turned to TV shows, movies, and more recently original shows, with a business model close to Hulu’s.
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  • Chinese are addicted to their mobile phones. [Courtesy photo]

China’s Live Streaming Boom Spawns Online Celebrity Agent Industry

Getting set up with a live streaming account and filming content for audiences might only take a few minutes, but to become a Chinese internet celebrity is much more complex.
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Alibaba, HTC Announce Virtual Reality Partnership

Chinese tech giant Alibaba’s cloud computing division Alicloud and Taiwan device maker HTC announced a strategic alliance in virtual reality on Tuesday.
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Xiaomi Reveals Its VR Headset

China is obsessed with Virtual Reality, and smartphone giant Xiaomi is not about to be left behind.
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