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Film Review: ‘Some Like It Hot’ More like Lukewarm Water

A typical, and not unentertaining contemporary Chinese comedy of upwardly-mobile, city-dwelling, professional-class Chinese boy-men, dumbstruck by hot young women who are not their wives, with an unsubtle moral tacked on the end.
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Film Review: Jackie Chan Throws Back and Rolls Ahead in ‘Railroad Tigers’

Surrounded by a crew played by so-called Little Fresh Meat actors along with his 34-year-old son, Jaycee, Chan winningly reprises the loose-limbed, high-spirited vibe of the Hong Kong "Lucky Stars" comedies of the ‘80s with charm if not a memorably balletic central performance.
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Film Review: ‘The Wasted Times’ is Vulgar and Silly, but Exquisite

Pretty people and prettier pictures are among the laudable assets in the pedigree and filigree of this gangster story set in Shanghai.
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Film Review: ‘Old Stone’ is Neorealist Noir

"Old Stone" (Lao Shi/老石), the debut feature by Chinese-Canadian director Johnny Ma, makes a kind of hybrid neorealist noir, something akin to the rising, ultra-unreal (chaohuan) sensibility, through the story of a hapless taxi driver, the titular Lao Shi, whose desire to act morally is at every turn thwarted by an inhuman system.
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  • Qin Hao and Xin Zhilei, the stars of ‘Crosscurent.’

What the Critics Think: Crosscurrent (2015)

“This divisive film certainly falls into a similar Chinese New Wave groove thanks to its maddeningly riddle-like nature and strongly ambiguous atmosphere.”
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In ‘Mr. Six,’ China’s Changing and Staying the Same

Playing an aging gangster railing against the “little punks” who kidnapped his son in Beijing, Feng Xiaogang gives a solid performance as the title character of Mr. Six
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