Headlines from China: Funded by Chinese Auteur Jia Zhangke, the 4th 86358 Short Film Festival Puts a Spotlight on Lesser-Known Short Films

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While droves of established filmmakers gathered at the Beijing International Film Festival, hundreds of up-and-coming young filmmakers and cinephiles rushed to an alternative film festival held from Aug 23-28 in Jiajiazhuang, a remote village in Fenyang city, North China's Shanxi province. Read More

Chinese Short Video Platform Kuaishou Increases Livestreaming E-Commerce Investment with Massive Incubation Plan

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TikTok rival Kuaishou is upping the ante in plans to boost its booming e-commerce business, as a growing number of people cash in on livestreaming to sell products on the Chinese short video platform. Read More

Headlines from China: Liu Cixin’s Sci-Fi Trilogy ‘The Three-Body Problem’ to be Adapted as Netflix Series

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China’s cultural company Yoozoo Group and the U.S. streaming giant Netflix announced Tuesday that they would jointly launch a new dramatic series inspired by the Hugo Award-winning sci-fi trilogy "The Three-Body Problem.” Read More

Headlines from China: Young People’s Favorite Bilibili Invested $66 Million in Film and TV Studio Huanxi Media

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Young people’s favorite video platform Bilibili has taken a 9.9 percent stake ($66 million in U.S. dollars) in Huanxi Media, the rising film and TV studio whose major shareholders including directors Xu Zheng, Zhang Yimmou and Ning Hao. Read More

Watch Out Telcos and Internet TV Providers: A Major New Competitor is Coming

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A big new kid is coming to China’s telecoms block, with the imminent formation of a national company that could offer 5G wireless, broadband and paid TV services. Read More

Headlines from China: Nominees for 35th China’s Hundred Flowers Film Awards Unveiled

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Five 2019 blockbuster films, including "My People, My Country," "Ne Zha" and "The Wandering Earth," have been nominated in the best film category at the 35th Hundred Flowers Awards, a top film honor conferred every two years based on public voting results. Read More

Single and Proud: China’s Millennials Embrace a Solo Lifestyle

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For young Chinese, being single was once a source of shame. Now, it’s becoming a badge of freedom — and businesses are scrambling to cash in. Read More

Headlines from China: TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer Resigns As US Pressure Mounts

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Kevin Mayer, chief executive officer of the embattled video-sharing app Tiktok, said on Wednesday that he has decided to leave the company as the current U.S. administration’s pressure on banning the app mounts quickly. Read More

Headlines from China: Local Rom-Com ‘Love You Forever’ Nabs $38 Million on Opening Day

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Chinese romantic comedy “Love You Forever”, opened on the day of this year’s Qixi Festival, racked up a stunning $38.3 million and broke the highest single day score record achieved by any film worldwide in 2020. Read More

Headlines from China: The 13-Minute Gameplay Video of an Locally-Made PC Game is Taking the Chinese Internet by Storm

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While China’s mobile game developers have found global success with mass-market hits like Tencent’s “Honor of Kings,” its studios haven’t produced critically acclaimed premium games yet. However, this might not be true anymore after the release of an upcoming role-playing PC and console game called “Black Myth Wu Kong”. Read More