Chinese Gaming Tycoon Dies After Suspected Poisoning

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Yoozoo Games is best known for its Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming game, as well as its upcoming movie adaptation of popular sci-fi novel series “The Three-Body Problem.” Read More

China’s TV Industry Wants to Blacklist Known Plagiarists

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Dozens of screenwriters, directors, and producers are calling for shows to stop “publicizing and hyping” intellectual property thieves by continuing to invite them on. Read More

Chinese Actor Threatens Legal Action Against Catfishing Imposters

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Several accounts on short-video platforms claiming to be Jin Dong were found to be deceiving his fans — especially women of a certain age. Read More

Chinese Video Streamer Says Internal Review Debunks Fraud Claims

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Chinese video streaming firm iQiyi said in a statement on Monday that its internal review into the financial fraud allegations made by American short seller Wolfpack Research “did not uncover any evidence that would substantiate the allegations.” Read More

Top Japanese Lawmaker Suggests TikTok Sells Local Business to Address Security Concerns

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Japan is tightening the screws on the embattled TikTok, with a top lawmaker suggesting that changing the ownership of the ByteDance-owned short video app’s Japan business could help address mounting data security concerns. Read More

TikTok Parent ByteDance Could Counter Trump Order With Lawsuit

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Executive orders from the White House banning two of the most popular Chinese-owned mobile apps are the latest escalation in a technological standoff between the United States and China. Read More

Thousands of Games Removed From Apple’s China App Store

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The purge is part of an attempt by regulators to close an iOS loophole that allowed games to be released before obtaining a required license. Read More

China’s Internet Regulator Wants Online Fan Groups to Simmer Down

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A new two-month campaign from the Cyberspace Administration of China will strictly monitor minors’ online activities. Called Clear & Bright, the initiative aims to prohibit children from accessing and posting violent or pornographic content, or “inappropriate cartoons” that have a bad influence on teenagers, as well as “worshipping idols without a bottom line.” Read More

Embattled Leshi Forced to Sell Smart TV, Livestreaming Trademarks

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Leshi Internet Information and Technology Corp. was forced to sell key trademarks including “Super TV”, the name of the company’s flagship smart television, on Monday. Read More