Headlines from China: ‘The Favorite’ and ‘One Cut of the Dead’ Yanked from Beijing Film Festival

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Beijing International Film Festival updated its lineup today with 97 films. The Favourite and Japanese film One Cut of the Dead have been removed from the festival’s lineup. Read More

Headlines from China: Is ‘More Than Blue’ Another Marketing Miracle Created by Douyin?

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While there is no doubt that the film is winning over Chinese audience because of its good production and compelling storytelling, many also attribute its box office success to Douyin. Read More

Headlines from China: Wong Kar-wai to Start Shooting New Film ‘Blossoms’

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In a recent interview, Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai revealed recent progress on his new film “Blossoms,” which is a follow-up to Wong's two other romantic drama films "In The Mood For Love" and "2046." Read More

Headlines from China: Chang Chen In Talks to Join Legendary’s ‘Dune’

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Taiwanese actor Chang Chen currently is in talks with Legendary Entertainment to join the cast of upcoming sci-fi film Dune. Read More

Headlines from China: Trendy Topics on China’s Entertainment Sector at This Year’s ‘Two Sessions’

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As China’s annual “two sessions” (“National People’s Congress” and “Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference”) just took place , we take a look at the topics brought up by representatives from the entertainment sectors this year. Read More

Headlines from China: Which Companies Make Art-house Films in China?

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Over the past two years, an increasing number of art house films scored theatrical releases in China. So which companies are making art house films in China? Read More

Headlines from China: ‘Shazam!’ Scores April 5 China Release

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DC superhero film Shazam! has been scheduled for release in China on April 5, the same day as in North America. Read More

Headlines from China: Chinese Film Industry’s “New Big Four”

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Here is how the landscape of the Chinese film industry has changed over the past three years. Read More

Headlines from China: Chinese Capitals and Hollywood Superhero Movies 

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As American superhero movies based on comics characters continue to achieve box office success in China, more and more Chinese entertainment companies become interested in co-financing and co-producing this type of superhero movies with the U.S. Read More

Headlines from China: Is “eSports X Streetwear” the New Trend? 

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eSports players, top teams and major competitions have become darlings of streetwear brands in recent years in China. Read More