The Incredible True Story Behind “Midway”: An Audacious American WWII Raid and the Price China Paid

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How brave Chinese villagers helped save the crew behind a daring US raid against Japan. Read More

League of Its Own: The Video Game That Shaped a Generation

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A decade on from its release, the online video game ‘League of Legends’ has become a cultural touchstone for many Chinese millennials. Read More

Can Livestreaming Lift China Out of Poverty by 2020?

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China’s video and e-commerce platforms say they’re putting rural content creators on the path to fame and fortune, but questions persist about whether their poverty-busting initiatives can actually make a difference. Read More

The Chinese E-Publishers Making an Epic Journey to the West

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China’s online literature platforms aim to conquer the global market, but first they need to navigate a yawning culture gap. Read More

The Next Mulan? These 5 Ancient Chinese Women Could Become Disney’s New Heroines

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Braving invaders and battling social injustice, these historical Chinese women are revered and impressive enough to be box office smashes. Read More

How ‘Waterloo Bridge’ Helped Birth a New Brand of Shanghai Opera

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If we take anything away from the story of “Waterloo Bridge” — a largely forgotten classic in the U.S. that became a phenomenon in China — it’s that inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places. Read More

How China’s Star Ship Troopers Are Redefining Modern Fandom

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Highly organized “fan circles” are altering the modern entertainment landscape. Read More

Channel Your Inner Ne Zha, Says Party Paper Commentary

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The summer blockbuster that broke box office records is now being touted as a model for cadres’ good behavior. Read More

Ask China Anything: A peek inside China’s ACG culture

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For a lot of ACG fans, however, ChinaJoy represents one of the few reasons to leave the house this summer. Read More


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