The Broken Dreams of China’s Wannabe Pop Idols

 /  Celebrity  / 
Inside China’s ultra-competitive fame academies, the chances of making it are brutally slim. Read More

Single and Proud: China’s Millennials Embrace a Solo Lifestyle

 /  Headlines From China  / 
For young Chinese, being single was once a source of shame. Now, it’s becoming a badge of freedom — and businesses are scrambling to cash in. Read More

China’s Twitch Hoping to Turn Men on to Livestreamed E-Commerce

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
Many of the people tuning in to China’s commercial livestreams are women. Live gaming platform Douyu is looking to appeal to a different demographic. Read More

Chinese Netizens Livid After Celebrities Defend Abusive Actor

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
Even after Jiang Jinfu apologized for beating his girlfriend, some of his peers in the entertainment industry can’t seem to accept his culpability. Read More

Fans Prepare to Farewell AcFun, China’s Video-Streaming Pioneer

 /  Animations  / 
With coffers drying up, some longtime users are holding out hope for an Alibaba-backed resurgence. Read More

Chinese Stars Promote Hollywood Movies They Have No Part In

 /  News  / 
Local celebrities lure audiences to the box office for ‘Blade Runner,’ ‘Kingsmen,’ and other foreign films. Read More

Lawyer Sues Beijing TV for Making Fun of Henan Province

 /  Legal  / 
Henan in central China is the butt of everyone’s jokes. Others around the country look down on Henan as the home of liars, lunatics, and thieves who will even steal the covers off manholes. Now, one Henanese lawyer has had enough. Read More

Investor Breaks Up RMB 5 Million Relationship With Papi Jiang

 /  News  / 
The 29-year-old drama school graduate has become an internet sensation since she began making short videos in 2015 Read More


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