CBI Video: SK-II Takes Another Look at Chinese Women With Katie Couric

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SK-II’s recent global campaign, “Timelines," is a global docu-series with American television journalist Katie Couric taking a broader view of marriage pressure and social expectations across cultures. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Branded Art Exhibits, Versace’s Comeback

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SK-II, Casarte and Coca-Cola are among the brands using the power of the arts to boost their presence in China. Read More

Lion vs. Cat: Suning and Hunan Satellite TV Team Up to Challenge Alibaba’s Singles’ Day Entertainment Gala

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Retailer Suning launched a televised extravaganza for Singles' Day this year, partnering with the entertainment powerhouse Hunan Satellite TV to produce a broadcast in direct competition with Alibaba’s long-running show. Read More

CBI Case Study: Kim Kardashian’s Lucrative Livestreaming Partnership

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Last week, America’s top influencer Kim Kardashian West collaborated with Alibaba’s Tmall to join forces with Viya, China’s most powerful livestreamer, a major step forward in a market the reality star had previously failed to make her mark in. Read More

CBI Video: Huawei’s Mate30 Phone Is the Behind-the-Scenes Star of Its Latest Movie

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Close-ups of grains of sand blowing in the desert wind are one of the many ways Huawei shows off the capabilities of its Mate30 mobile phone in “Badain Jaran," a story of misadventure in the Mongolian wilderness shot entirely with the device’s camera. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Cosmetics-Animation Collaboration, October Brand Presence on TV

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Chinese beauty brand Meiking had another Singles’ Day success this year through a collaboration with the animated fantasy series “Mo Dao Zu Shi." Read More

Cultivating Creativity: CFI Interview With Wendy Yu 

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BAFTA Breakthrough China is the first international version of BAFTA Breakthrough Brits. The establishment of the Chinese program was made possible by the support of Wendy Yu, an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. CFI caught up with Yu to discuss her turn to the entertainment business and goals for the future.  Read More

How iQiyi Aims to Help Brands Boost Their Presence

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Video-streaming service iQiyi held its annual iJoy Conference in Shanghai last month, where it shared content plans for 2020 and marketing developments relevant to brands and other partners. Read More

CBI Case Study: Streetwear on the Small Screen

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The production team behind “Rap of China” is back with a hotly anticipated new show that will put streetwear and other Chinese fashion trends front and center. Read More

CBI Video: Fashion Brand JNBY Looks at the Life Stories of Contemporary Women

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The documentary-style series “Chat: The Future" features actress Hachi (Wang Yueyi), model/university student Cici (Xiang Yeging) and vlogger Zhuzi (Shao Jingzhu) as they go about their daily lives, discussing their interests and aspirations. Read More


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