Headlines from China: The Worrying Living Situation of Chinese Independent Filmmakers

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Jiang’s action generated a wide discussion about the current living situation of Chinese independent filmmakers who cannot make films due to limited financing and all the other roadblocks. Read More

Headlines from China: What to Expect for Chinese Film Industry in Q2 2020?

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With the pandemic crisis almost comes to an end in China, film companies still have a lot of hopes for the second quarter. Read More

Headlines from China: Huanxi Media Group Saw Steady Growth in 2019

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Huanxi Media Group has made a very profitable year in 2019 with its high return film investment and a new steadily growing sector in streaming service. Read More

Headlines from China: Bona’s ‘Battle of Chosin Reservoir’ Is Projected a 150 Million Yuan Loss Due to Production Halt

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Based on the Battle of Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War,  the new title is a "main-melody" war epic film directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Andrew Lau. Read More

Headlines from China: “Gaokao” is Postposed: What It Means to the Film Industry?

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With this postponement announced yesterday, it is foreseeable that the summer box office will face some declines ahead. Read More

Headlines from China: TV Variety Shows’ Ratings Go Up While Online Variety Shows’ Go Down

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The variety show industry has gone through a lot of turbulence overall in the first quarter. Read More

Headlines from China: Louis Cha’s Wuxia Theme Park to be Launched in Wuxi City

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'The Condor Trilogy,' the most popular and best-known wuxia novel series written by Jin Yong (Louis Cha), is going to have its own theme park located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province. Read More

Headlines from China: 988 Entertainment Companies Dissolved in Two Months

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According to the data provided by qcc.com, a total of 988 entertainment enterprises have filed dissolution between February 1st and March 20th this year Read More

Headlines from China: Maoyan Entertainment Reports Net Profit For The First Time Since Listed 

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Maoyan Entertainment released its 2019 Performance Report. For the first time, the Chinese online ticketing giant posted net profit since it went public, with a total revenue of 4600 million yuan. Read More

Headlines from China: ‘Avengers’ Film Series, ‘Jojo Rabbit’ and ‘Call of the Wild’ Set to Release in China

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As the film exhibition sector in China gradually resumes business, 'Avengers' Film Series, 'Jojo Rabbit' and 'Call of the Wild' are among the first batch of foreign films to be released in China. Read More


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