As China’s Movie Industry Slumps, Executives Debate Its Future

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At a recent panel at the Chinese Film Industry Summit in Shanghai, several industry bigwigs, including the heads of Shanghai Film Group Co. Ltd., China Film Group Corp., Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd. and Beijing Enlight Media Co. Ltd., discussed how to get the business back on track. Read More

‘Three-Body Problem’ TV Series in the Works

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Hugo Award-winning author Liu Cixin’s science-fiction trilogy “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” will soon be turned into a TV series, following a blockbuster adaptation of “The Wandering Earth,” another work by Liu. Read More

Chinese Box Office Takings Dip By 5% In The First 5 Months of 2019

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Box offices around China took in 26.97 billion yuan ($3.9 billion) in the first five months of the year, down from 28.43 billion yuan for the same period in 2018.The fall was largely due to a poor first-quarter performance when takings dropped 8% year-on-year. Read More

Video Site Mango Gets Cash Injection to Take on Private Peers

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China’s largest state-backed online video subscription service plans to use the 2 billion yuan ($289 million) from its latest fundraising round to create more original programming, as the Netflix-like platform ratchets up its efforts to take on its privately owned peers. Read More

Alibaba Pictures’ ‘Most Important’ Business Segment Reports First Ever Profit

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Alibaba’s film and entertainment arm has yet to become profitable, but a key segment of Alibaba Pictures Group’s business has climbed out of the red for the first time. Read More

Q&A: Director Hao Wu on Coming Out in a Chinese Family

 /  People  / 
Through intimate interviews with his parents, sister, and extended family, the viewers learn how Wu’s coming out affected his family, and of their traditional expectations for their only son. Read More

China Proposes First Amendments to Outdated Copyright Law in Nearly a Decade

 /  Legal  / 
China’s Copyright Law is set to see a new round of revisions this year — the first amendments to the 29-year-old law since 2010. Read More

Is Wanda Getting Back Into the Theme Park Business?

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Real estate and entertainment conglomerate Wanda Group is not completely out of the theme park business, even though it decided to sell off the management arm of that division in 2018. Read More

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Has Made 400 Million Yuan in China – And It’s Not Even Out Yet

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Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame hit 400 million yuan ($59.69 million) in ticket sales on Friday, according to Chinese box office monitoring platform Maoyan – and it hasn’t even been released yet. Read More

Entertainment Slowdown Hits Filmmakers’ Bottom Lines

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Three major filmed entertainment firms forecast big profit declines in the first quarter, with two saying they fell into the red, as the industry suffers under the weight of a broader slowdown after years of breakneck growth. Read More


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