Headlines from China: Beijing Enlight Media Rewards Senior Executives With Bonuses Over 24.5 Million Yuan

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The top-tier Chinese film company Beijing Enlight Media recently published its 2019 financial report. Based on this report, the company have offered its senior executives a handsome bonus package that amounts to 24.5 million yuan in sum. Read More

Headlines from China: Beijing Enlight Media Released New Film’s Promotion Materials

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Since the coronavirus outbreak started in January, a lot of film companies have slowed down their promotion schedule. However, Beijing Enlight Media has been actively promoting its new films projects ever since. Read More

Beijing Enlight Media Announces One Billion Yuan Investment in Animation

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Producer of smash hit ‘Nezha’ Beijing Enlight Media said it will invest about 1 billion yuan ($145 million) over the next five years to adapt comic content into animated productions. Read More

Headlines from China: Beijing Culture and Enlight Media Are The Winners in Q3

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Among all the listed companies, the biggest winners in Q3 are Enlight Media and Beijing Culture, which produced box office hits Ne Zha and The Wandering Earth, respectively. Read More

Headlines from China: Beijing Enlight Media Registering 1818 Trademarks for ‘Ne Zha’

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From August 9 to August 27, Beijing Enlight Media submitted 1818 trademark applications to Chinese authorities. All the 1818 trademarks are related to this summer's hit animated film Ne Zha. Read More

Headlines from China: Enlight Media Reports Profit Drop by 95% for First Half of 2019

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The company's revenues reached RMB1.17 billion ($164 million) in the first half of 2019, up 62.37% from the same period last year. However, its net profit was RMB105 million ($14.7 million), down by 95% compared with the previous year. Read More

Headlines from China: Beijing Enlight Media to Build Billion-Dollar Film Studio in Yangzhou

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Beijing Enlight Media has signed a deal with Yangzhou municipal government to build a film studio in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province. Read More

Headlines from China: Enlight Media Increases Eleven Percent Stake in Maoyan Culture

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According to an announcement made by Enlight Media on September 5 (Beijing Time), the company will acquire 11.11 percent stake in Tianjin Maoyan Culture Media, the operator of China's top online ticketing platform Maoyan.com. Read More

Headlines from China: Coloroom Pictures’ CEO Left Position to Become CEO of October Media

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Yi Qiao, the CEO of Coloroom Pictures, is leaving the company for another executive position at October Media—the animation studio behind the 2018 groundbreaking 3D animation film “Monkey King: Hero Is Back”. Read More

Headlines from China: China’s Media Regulator Considering New Policies to Limit Length of TV Series

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China's National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) is working on new policies to limit the number of episodes of a TV series to 40. Read More


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